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Sooper Good, a vibrant chocolate brand with 2 amazing USP’s. Their range of chocolates has 4 core flavour profiles which are both vegan and keto diet friendly, bringing a unique product proposition to our portfolio of clients. 


Brash Creative was asked by Sooper Good to design a custom mailer box that would be used to ship their products to customers. This box would be sizable enough to fit in the 3 flavours but would be small enough to fit through letterboxes.


While the format provided a very practical solution, our role was to address the need for quality design which would feel on-brand and inspiring to the purchaser. 


To do this we worked with existing assets from the brand's original flavour. Utilising existing illustrations we were able to minimise external design costs and maximising value for money.


On the inside of the box, we included social media information, so that customers could follow the various links to Sooper Goods social media accounts. We also included a playful copy line which added a personal touch. We were also approached to design one of their new White Chocolate bars in line with their current chocolate bar designs, and a generic SRP which would hold all of their chocolate bars.



  • Developing a design in keeping with existing assets

  • Identifying tone of voice for the copy line 

  • Utilising assets available


  • Cohesive design across multiple assets which feels on brand

  • Promotes brand experience through direction to social media accounts

  • Adds tone of voice and personality in a subtle fashion