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Love Vegan is a local and delicious vegan food brand producing vegan friendly snack bars in a range of flavours. All recipes are founded by Jennifer the brands founder, who works tirelessly at perfecting new flavour profiles. 


Initially Love Vegan approached us with a requirement for a new design across their Shelf Ready Packaging (SRPs). Their previous SRP’s didn’t communicate product message or flavour quickly enough and as a result failed to catch the attention of passing shoppers as well as it could, therefore lacking the conversion at fixture the brand needed. 


We were tasked with extending the existing brand into a new look and feel SPR, which would capture the attention of and inspire shoppers - particularly in the Gen Z and Millennial demographic. The new designs needed to flex across the 3 core product flavours, making them easily distinguishable as well as communicating flavour at a glance.



  • Creating new graphics which felt on brand but progressed into a contemporary style. 

  • Communicating flavour at a glance

  • Communicating plant based protein and no nasties


  • 3 SRP’s that will now be rolled out into express supermarkets

  • 3 designs totally unique to the flavours of each product

  • Easily understood flavour identity 

  • Immediate understanding of the product and its nutritional values through impactful application of messaging hierarchy