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Jiggysaw brings together artists across the world, to their puzzle company truly celebrating female creativity. A female-founded business all their illustrations are created by upcoming female artists, donating some of the profits to female focused charities. 


Jiggysaw approached us with a requirement for new photography to showcase both their existing product range along with The photography needed to be fun and vibrant, highlighting each of the products in a relaxed manner. 


We immediately felt a connection between the link between products and lifestyle, and were met with an instant flurry of ideas of how best to set and capture all of the products through both photography and set design.



  • Implementation of new techniques 

  • Finding innovative ways to introduce the products using photography 

  • Extending the brand look and feel into each of the shots using colourful backgrounds


  • Exciting suite of photography which showcases product range

  • Innovation of photography, the shots realise the latest trends in photography such as floating or suspension shots 

  • Photography feels on brand and provides some great hero shots