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Habitual is a type 2 diabetes and prediabetes remission service, providing total diet replacement and continuous support to people both approaching and living with type 2 diabetes. Their app provides an intensive 6-month long behaviour change programme, which exists alongside nutritionally-complete diet replacement that helps patients lose an average of 16kg over 6 months and, in many cases, reverse diabetes entirely. 


They approached through a recommendation, with a requirement for new photography and digital assets.


Their brand proposition was something which really resonated with us, as well as the fun and quirky branding which they already began to establish. 


Our role was to address the requirement for quality photography and graphics which the brand could roll out on to their digital platforms. 

Whilst the photography needed to provide high resolution images and perfectly capture the product, the graphic design needed to be fun and engaging in order to inspire and resonate with new users, rather than feeling sterile and cold (like many medical services do).



  • Keeping the design simplistic yet fun

  • Expanding the current packaging designs to work across the digital and social assets

  • Capturing the essence of the brand

  • Displaying range for products


  • A bank of photography adaptable to any marketing platform 

  • Unique and quirky creative execution 

  • Digital assets to match the brand personality that can be used to engage and inform the existing customer base as well as enticing new customers

  • Full range of products captured