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Sgaia is changing the way alternative meat products are made. Their wheat and pea/soya mix creates protein-rich vegan meats, with every single product made individually by hand. They’re as fresh as can be, locally crafted and come in a variety of forms.

Brash Creative were asked to fulfil the creative execution for Sgaia’s 12 month brand development plan. 

This involved extending their existing packaging style across a range of digital media and printed literature, design areas that the new branding hadn't yet evolved into. 

To begin, we started with the development of digital banner assets, 3D product mockups and Press Ads for industry publications, progressing existing brand style to introduce new graphics and product mock ups that felt consistent with the new packaging style but that were appropriate for the extended marketing platforms. 


Following a successful creative execution of across the above media forms, we moved onto creating both a Retail Brochure, and a Catering Brochure aimed at their separate customer demographics.



  • Developing the new packaging design route into a brand with enough range to roll out across various medias

  • Creating quality and inspiring design that resonates with taste and handcrafted tones for the customer can instantly recognise, whilst feeling new and inspiring 

  • Communicating flavour visually though inserting photography, illustration and text in appropriate areas of the designs


  • 2 sophisticated and inspiring brochures which how the quality of Sgaia’s products

  • Press Ads that communicated promotions and product ranges well while competing with rival brands

  • Digital banners to promote product messaging and showcase product range

  • Successful fulfilment of brand plan so far